Why chicken coops for beautiful cars?

Why are beautiful car collections nesting in chicken coops outside Edmonton? Why are deluxe RVs sitting in muddy farm fields surrounding Spruce Grove?  Within the space of just a few years Edmonton, St Albert, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain essentially banned RV and boat parking on streets and even in driveways. In winter  2011 I drove to see farms around Spruce Grove which have set themselves up as RV storage. I counted over 2,200 boats, RVs and trailers sitting in the open. That seems an insane way to treat a valuable investment.  In general these are mud fields so these valuable vehicles are not sitting on asphalt  or gravel. No surprise  that two farmers simply closed their gates  for several weeks due to mud sinks – they wouldn’t allow owners to move vehicles until the dirt had hardened somewhat.

It surprised me.  I spoke to contractors and small business owners in the area. People told me they were in a group that rented chicken coups for their muscle car collection. Then found that air was so acid it was damaging the harness and cables. One care collector had some of his “babies” parked in the open at this lake side cabin because his home in town had not space. Another collector protects his investment by renting commercial warehouse space but he worried about the lax security. [ He should also worry about throwing away money on rent.

There had to be a better away to help people protect their investments. So I did some research and started to visit some garage condominium developments in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.  I think that we should have a similar facility in Edmonton. So with some friends we put together capital to build. We have our site in Spruce Grove. One part of this blog will be to share our progress.  Another key part is to reach out to car collectors, RVers, Boaters and “Boys with Toys” to get their ideas for the dream garage. We can try to add features which you folks tell us you really need or want.  So please fill in our simple polls and send us suggestions. Many thanks — Paul Reynolds


JohannahWhy chicken coops for beautiful cars?

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