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Mezzanine loft in garage condo

Lofty views

In past blogs we have shared some ideas for adding a custom loft.  Some owners will want a sports cave or man cave. Others will want a place to relax and hang out with friends which looks and feel more like a family room.  How do you build your mezzanine loft?

The most popular structure is a staircase going up along the side of the unit.  However, it could be done at the back wall. Structurally we expect people to go one of two ways.  It could be a free standing steel deck on which a sub floor and flooring are laid down.  {See this example}.  The more likely option is wood frame. Our general contractor, United Construction, is based in an industrial condominium in Edmonton. The 2nd floor has a conference room, offices and kitchenette. Until last week I had not realized that it was all a free standing wood frame and was not attached to the walls of the condo.

Wood sure seems flexible. This owner of a garage condo shows his framing and build-out in photos. Through the excellent photos you can see some choices he made along the way.  This gives me many ideas to work with.

Do any of you have a preference for steel or wood?  Please post your comments.

Paul D. ReynoldsWhat’s In Your Loft

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