Top Five Reasons to Buy a Garage Condo

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One of the questions we get asked a lot here at Premier Garage Condos is quite simply  “why?”  Why should I buy a garage condo?

There are a lot of good reasons to purchase a condo and we have covered a few of them in previous blog posts, but here are the top five reasons.

1.    It is an Investment
When you purchase a garage condo, you are purchasing a piece of real estate and making an investment. You are not giving someone else money to pay off their investment. If you rent space for your vehicles or your hobby, you are paying someone else’s bills. While that is mighty nice of you, it isn’t making your money work for you.

2.    It is an Alternative to an Oversized House
Many times, people have to purchase a big house to get a big garage. If, for example, you are an empty nester with lots of toys, you may not want to pay the money for a huge house when all you really want is the big garage that comes with it!

3.    It Suits Your Lifestyle
If you have a garage in a residential area, you will have to comply with local noise bylaws that interfere with the hours you are able to put in on your toys. We all know that sometimes the hours that a bylaw feels should be “quiet time” are the best get ‘er done times! A garage condo allows you to work during the times that suit YOU best.

How easy is it to park your RV at home? With bylaws prohibiting parking RVs on the street, and sometimes even on driveways, homeowners are finding they are running out of options for even temporary parking or storage. A garage condo will keep the bylaw enforcement officer away!

4.    It Protects Your Investment
Why would you invest so many dollars in your vehicles or RVs and then park them in a farmer’s field or an unsecured storage facility? A garage condo protects your investment by providing a secured location with the ability to control the climate and the environment – no harsh sun or damaging hail.

5.    It Provides the Space You Need
Lets face it, the average garage these days just isn’t built for car lovers. If it is a roomy double, you might be able to fit two cars side-by-side with enough room to walk between them. If you are lucky. Even a 1,000 sq. ft garage condo will provide you with ample room to store your vehicles, get some work done and provide some relaxation space.

Paul D. ReynoldsTop Five Reasons to Buy a Garage Condo

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