This RV Has a Hot Tub and its Own Garage

For the dream RV the Germans seem to willing to build samples on spec. This videoGerman RV with  Garage and Roof top Spa shows an unusual trailer truck which allows them to add both a spa and a “garage” to the unit. I know is sounds impossible but seeing is believing. Inside there’s a deluxe lounge, sleek kitchen done is a way I find spacious. Toward the rear there is an integrated garage big enough for a sports car. Take the internal stairs up to the roof. Here is a teak sundeck and best of all whirlpool hot tub awaits you. The Futuria sports+spa is custom made, according to the client’s wishes. The video says the asking price for the unit shown is 650,000 Euros but let’s call that about CAD$ 1 million. It was built to show what is possible and they sure made their point.

I haven’t seen any of these tractor Trailer RVs in Canada. However I did see two in California. They sure are different.  Have you seen one in Canada?

Paul D. ReynoldsThis RV Has a Hot Tub and its Own Garage

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