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We are still in the really early stage of development, so there are many un-answered questions and costs. Since this is a new concept for Alberta, there is a great deal of new ground.

This also means we can listen to suggestions from classic car collectors, boaters, RVers and hobbyists. Your comments are encouraged and welcome.  We will consider and respond to all of them but please promise not to hold us  to honour all your requests.

My best guess is the units will sell for about $125/sq ft, or about…about….$100,000 for an 800 sq. ft.  A big variable which impacts cost, is the city’s requirements for sprinklers, site drainage and fire safety.

It will be designed for the largest RV or many classic cars. They can be used for hobbies, business storage or just about anything else, except running a public business from that location. The Spruce Grove zoning  and our own condo rules won’t allow for retail business operations.

So tell us you ideas for the perfect garage storage?  Describe the features you would like to see or the building elements you need for your “man cave”.


Paul D. ReynoldsShare Your Suggestions

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  1. Surfer Joe

    Here’s a few things I would have in my mangarage:

    car lift, cool durable flooring, lots of good lighting, cabinets to keep it all organized, solid work bench with all the accessories, electrical outlets through out. Of course it can’t all be work so I would have a mezzanine for the “down times” which would include things like a small wet bar or beer fridge, comfortable and easy to clean furniture, mandatory big screen with cable or satellite and internet access for keepin’ up on Twitter of course! Premium sound system would be good. Of course what’s a lounge area with out a Men’s room…

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      Paul D. Reynolds

      The mezz seems to be very popular. Many folks who stopped to chat during the Edmonton RV show asked about that. we will also be at Edmonton’s motorshow so I hope you would drop in. We are looking hard at drainage solutions. The city is nervious of car guys dumping oils and lubricants. The cost of laying interior drains is a factor but I haven’t seen numbers yet.

  2. PD Reynolds

    The idea of adding a loft area to the garage is an excellent one. Having a space to hang out with friends or take a break yourself is really appealing. I have seen some photos of these and visited garage condo projects in Washinton state where owners had done this. It was an addition to the standard unit but some developers were able to do the basic construction.

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  4. Alan

    In my man cave garage I want:

    Pool table, wet bar, beer fridge, big screen tv, stereo, and some very comfy reclining chairs.

    I would like enough space for my 20 foot boat and 2 cars.
    Racks to store my tires, skis, golf clubs, hunting gear, etc.

  5. Jean-Guy

    My garage would be totally soundproof, so I would’nt hear neighbours and could play my music after polishing my car. Lots of storage racks. I would like a quiet area in a mezzanine type room with possibly a view of the outside.

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      Paul D. Reynolds

      In our design specifcations list we have requested lots and lots of lighting as well as electrical outlets. It will be a big difference between our places and simple rental garages and RV storage places.

  6. Peter

    I would want good stain resistant flooring so oil leaks etc can easily be mopped up. Maybe a vending machine to sell me items such as oil, cleaning detergent, rags, etc in case I run out. Since it gets pretty darn cold I would want the ability to plug-in a space heater or two to keep me warm without tripping a fuse. Heating the whole unit might get pricey. I agree. with the other postees that a big screen TV and small fridge would be an essential amenity.

    1. Christie

      I like the idea of stain resistant flooring, easy to mop up. I’ve dealt with oil spill nightmares before and the right flooring can make all the difference in the world!

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      Paul D. Reynolds

      We are looking closely into the stain reistant flooring. We are consdering sealed flooring and there are several products. Another Alternative is covered flooring which itself is eiher sealed (like vinyl tile) or formulated for easy clean.

      1. Phatkd

        Stamped and dye stained concrete would be easy and cost effective to do at the floor pouring stage. My brother did a massive area in his back yard in a slate tile and it looks like real slate tile.

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          Paul D. Reynolds

          I Hear you and you are right about easy and lower cost during construction. Obviously many owner will want to customize their units and in dozens of ways. So yes there is rough in for bathroom and shower; yes the foundations are designed for you to add any size mezzanine; Yes lots of outlets (and lighting) with 60 amp. Test pool isn`t on. Obviously you have been thinking (dreaming) about this. That is great.

  7. Man Cave Lover

    The perfect garage storage would be like my personal man cave for me to use. Let me have my own privacy while i tinker with toys. My Christmas wish list would include garage cabinet for all my tool and other hobby items. My muscle car collection would fit nicely in the garage but i would like special custom flooring so I can have my buddies take a look to check out my toys. Need some storage for the boat and the water skiing stuff. Maybe some shaggadelic lights and some space for some tunes while playing with the tools. It would be nice if i could wash the car someone and then i can spit polish later.

  8. Christie

    My perfect dream garage would be a heated one of course, a/c for summer :) Plenty of electrical outlets and possibly a built in shop vac. and speakers. Some solid work benches, tool chests, cabinets, fridge and a washroom of course. A car hoist would be nice and perhaps an outdoor/indoor car washbay for everyone to use.
    Some ideas would be a rental room, things that can be rented when not necessarily needed to purchase (tire change machine, engine hoist, compressor etc…) And a recyle area to the entire building, things that will accumulate such as used oil, oil filters, batteries, tires etc… like the Eco one in Edmonton.

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      Paul D. Reynolds

      Well in Kamloops you need both heat and A/c. Here in Edmonton the garages will be high enough that a fan is probably enough for summer. However in winter we will need not only a good heating system but really great insulation.

  9. Steve

    Here’s my idea, a cool down room. when you drive your car the coolant temp can reach 210*F plpus exhaust temps plus if it had rained, you would want all the moisture to run off. A semi smooth floor with a sand trap would be sufficeint for this area. This way when it is the main area, it does not smell the main area. The main shop floor I would like a durable tile in like a checkerboard tile. The cabinets for storage should match my tool box in color and plenty of durable counter tops. A shower is a must in the bathroom. instead of having a lift, a pit would be better with a rolling cover made of sturdy steel that can be walked on when it it rolled out state. The pit would have supply storage for lubricants, grease, shop towels, etc.. For entertainment, it should have a flat panel TV with sattelite service, radio/cd in the wall with built in speakers. It should have plenty of outlets. The ceiling does not need to be finished with polaster board, but have some structure showing painted a dark color like black. Lighting should be like a strong bright flourescent, not the hydrogen bulbs that take forever to warm. Neon signs for decorations. A collection location for used oils. An evacuation for exhaust system a must. Climate control of course. and an area for sofa chairs and a coffe table to read car magazines and bench racing.
    the walls should be easy to clean like maybe rustic corrugated sheet metal or a vynil wall covering.

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      Paul D. Reynolds

      Steve, thank you so much for this detailed, thoughtful and valuable input. There is a whole lot here and I need to re-read it and think about it. Very good point about the quality and type of the lighting. Ditto on the exhaust venting which another commentator mentioned. These won’t be working garages in the full sense so we would not be able to offer a pit.

  10. jean

    My (wo)man cave would have room for working on my motorcycle, scooter, and jeep… space for my sporting goods (bikes, kayaks, and snowgear – oh my!), a lot of workbench space, cool flooring that could easily be cleaned up, tons of CABINET Space, adjustable lighting, a spot for my friends to hang out while we’re working on things, and heat!

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      Paul D. Reynolds

      When I look into man cave philosophy (Huh??) it seems more and more that men are following women’s lead. I am thinking of the sewing rooms and craft corners of by gone times when women had a private area to retreat. My recollection was that grandfather was not allowed in granny’s sewing room. What do you think?

  11. VK

    I think people with boats and cars would need a place where they can power-wash their cars and bottom of their boats. This would appeal to water skiers in the area who don’t to take their baot and trailer all the way backinto the city.

    1. Alan

      It would be great to have a power-wash site big enough to accomodate large boats and RV’s. This could be an outdoor spot in the summer with a high pressure hose. Most car washes are too small for my boat – very difficult to get in or out. There is not enough room to stand back while power washing the side or bottom of the boat.

  12. Warren

    A convenience store with day to day items and cleaning and detailing supplies would be handy as this location is real close to anything.

  13. Warren

    - roughed in bathroom facilities in each condo
    - rules against welding, grinding and cutting torches in condos. (fire is always a risk)
    - closed circuit tv and or internet connection for condo owner’s use.

    1. PD Reynolds

      Yes- We agree. We have already decided to do the cable install for TV, internet, phone security camera.

      The City has no issue with us putting several washrooms on site but seems concerned about each unit. I think they are worried about people living here. Still talking to the City.

      The rules which you mention are essential. Thanks.

  14. Troy

    I would prefer to not have a washroom in the condo but have access to one off the shared club house accessible with a card swipe. I would prefer to have the ability to decide to keep the condo just at freezing or warmer when I will be there. I do not want to have to worry about the power going out and the plumbing freezing.( I have gas fire places in my home to protect against this).
    Also I would want an overhead door at least 10 feet wide to drive my truck through without having to fold in my mirrors and high enough to fit my truck through with a truck camper on the back. The condo would be desirable for storing my camper but I would need to be able to back the truck into the condo with the camper on it. Also, I would like to know what the approximate price would be for the 1400 sq ft condo.
    When it comes to interior finishings I do not understand why those decisions and finishings would not be left up to the purchaser. The purchaser should decide weather they want the builder to do it or leave it for them to deal with. When it comes to finishing the interior it should be based on what the purchaser wants as it is with houses when a purchaser signs a building contract.
    Solid metal fire walls inbetween condos is important to keep fire from spreading. Also 36″ wide metal man door with metal frame would be important on a condo for myself. I would think a minimum of a 60 amp electrical service, with electrical panel in the condo, for each condo would be important also.
    I would also prefer a concrete floor that is reinforced with rebar and 5.5 inches thick as I am fustrated with the crappy, cracking floors in residential garages.

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      Paul D. Reynolds

      Thanks Troy for the thoughtful and impressive amount of comments. Doors will be 12 wide so more than your minimum. We are planning 60 amp panel; man door like you suggest and each unit can control heat. We want owners to customize their units. Some units will be rough in plumbing for them to build toilet or shower but there will be private toilet and shower in the Owners Club house as well as one restroom mid-site. Our show model will showcase some options on flooring; cabinets; car lifts and best of all the loft area to hang out. We are discussing fire separation requirements with the city. However, it seems that even with sprinklers they will require that we drywall the entire unit. Owners can paint or cover areas (we see checker plate metal at a lot of the places in USA). Don Nault our manager will contact you about your email.

  15. Brian

    This also would be a great central facility to rent out the Owners Club house to any of the car clubs to hold monthly meetings and provide a space (5 acres) to hold maybe two or three annual car shows. Could be a major marshaling point for “cruises” to start or finish from. With community support it could grow to be a major automotive activity center. Or just a very nice place for my Man Cave.

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  16. Phatkd

    Lots of great ideas are being volleyed here! In terms of construction, styro block would be an awesome way to combat fire risk, and easy to run electrical conduit where ever you want. The bottom 8 feet would be nice to have some sort of sheet metal, or diamond checker plate. An absolute must is a shower and a head in my unit if I were to purchase one.

    A mezz would be a must for me to be used as a “down area” complete with theatre seating, Fold out hidabed for those nights when you have had a few beers and don’t want to drive home, an 80inch LCD for games or PS3, 7.1 surround sound, wet bar, poker table, heavy bag, WiFi for the unit for netflix, and a nice large skylight.

    Lots of 110v outlets with 60amp service as well, plenty of bench space and shelving for tools that take up to much space at home, exhaust system, 14 or 16 foot tall doors, stamped concrete floors, built in vacuum, and overhead composer air line, rolling catwalk to inspect the roof of the motorhome as an option, and hey,..why not reduce the carbon footprint with some solar panels and a wind turbine (Would make for a good carbon offset argument).

    In a common area, it would be nice to have a built in test pool for working on boat outdrives or outboard motors. Covered outdoor parking for personal vehicles

  17. Phatkd

    Some more afterthoughts;

    - RV dump station
    - 1 axle weigh station
    - A small fenced in grass area for 4 legged pets to do their business in
    - THICK floors for some of the more robust motorhomes

    1. Post
      Paul D. Reynolds

      Well you got it — in part.
      - dump station as well as power wash area are in the building specs
      - floor specs are for thickened high weight from even largest diesel pusher for high axle weights
      - We can consider, and have space, for pet area. Who cleans up and then we add that to condo association running costs
      - no weigh station is planned.

      Thanks so much for the input. It helps us.

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