See Our Plans for Spruce Grove Garage Condos for Sale

Our design and engineering team at Cormode & Dickson as well as Bow-West Design Inc. has come up with some great plans.  We want to share one image here of the facility which is going through development permitting with Spruce Grove. On this image you will see an expansion of SelfStorAll Spruce Grove. This is a rental self storage operating across the street on Diamond Ave for 20 years. Those buildings are trimmed in yellow. The Premier Garage Condos  will be for sale. These buildings  are trimmed in red with a member’s club at the front entrance. The club has an art deco look similar to the retro diners from the 1940s. What do you think? Does this look like a new home for your RV or classic cars?  Can you see a custom garage look with a loft, special flooring and cabinets?

There are more photos  on this site.  We will have frequent updates and news on our Face Book page

AerialView of Premier Garage Condos, 41 Century Rd., Spruce Grove, Alberta


Paul D. ReynoldsSee Our Plans for Spruce Grove Garage Condos for Sale

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