Priceless Antique Vehicles Destroyed by Spruce Grove Vandals

During the April 14th weekend  vandals  broke into a locked barn at a Spruce Grove area farm.  Four antique cars were inside the barn, including a 1925 Ford Model T and a 1956 Studebaker.   Vandals got the Studebaker running and proceeded to get it stuck in the mud.  They then lit it afire.  The Model T was pushed outside, and from there, the windows were smashed, and extensive body damage and burn marks were inflicted upon the vehicle.

Don Keltie the owner of the vehicles had carefully restored them and the antique cars were priceless.  The damage inflicted upon the vehicles has caused him significant personal anguish and financial loss.  “This car is 85 years old. It survived … I don’t know what it’s been through in its life, but now it has to put up with this,” Keltie said of the black Model T, which he bought this winter.

Your heart just aches for this gentleman. He laboured so long over restoring and caring for this cars.  It is is just painful to think about.

The Edmonton Journal, CTV and Global News have all covered the story. The Journal has a good video coverage.

Paul D. ReynoldsPriceless Antique Vehicles Destroyed by Spruce Grove Vandals

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