Ode to My Garage (Condo)

Ode to my GarageOf all the worldly possessions I may have owned over the years, my most treasured possession is my garage. It has become my Fortress of Solitude, my home away from home and the center of my existence.

Over the years the garage has evolved into my present-day workspace/quiet room/media center/computer room/storage area. “Dad’s pad when Mom’s mad”, if you will.

There has never been a garage like this one and there will never be another one just like it for the rest of mankind’s existence. It has personality.

 We hope the owners of Premier Garage Condos will stamp their personality and passions on their own unique garages.

[With attribution to a longer essay by FCGrabo  at http://sixpacktech.com/faves/manly-garage/ ]

Paul D. ReynoldsOde to My Garage (Condo)

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