Most Expensive Car Wash in the World

When I came across this video about a car wash service which costs Thousands of dollars PER CAR I was not sure if it was for real or a try out for “Dumb and Dumber”.  Apparently it is serious. The gentleman provides car washes which take hundreds of man hours. His basic version is about $1,000 and the higher grade takes 3-4 weeks (yes he says “weeks”) and cost $6,000 plus.


Believe it?  Like one viewer I am thinking this is complete BS – he is using some old T-shirts and a can of Johnson car wax.  As for weeks – I think he is driving his girlfriend up and down the country then pops into the local Touch-less car wash before handing back the keys. Now would I pay a few hundred bucks for a car wash? Only if it was Jessica Simpson doing an encore of this hot car wash.


Paul D. ReynoldsMost Expensive Car Wash in the World

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