Mom Caves – HGTV celebrates Mother’s Day

Mom Den or Diva Den the trend is growing

We read that HGTV is celebrating Mother’s Day with series premiere of ‘Mom Caves’.  That reminded me of the topic Man Caves and their origin.

Mom Cave or Diva Den: For some time now I have felt, and blogged, that man caves are really a variation on the older European tradition of Mom caves. I remember both my grandmothers  having “sewing rooms” but the reality was that there was very little sewing some days.  Most days it was a quiet retreat for rest and calm away from the kids and menfolk. I am coming into my 60s and many men I speak to recall these spaces in their grandparent’s homes. It’s really about creating a space to allow a person to satisfy their need for time for themselves. Man or women, in our hectic lives we need to step back, decompress and quickly re-energize. It can be a place to listen to music, to indulge in a hobby, or simply feel like an adult.
So I wonder what you think of the revival of Mom Cave or  Diva Cave?  It is now going to be a new series on TV and there have been several news and magazine stories about.  So like it or hate it we have a re-emerging trend here.  What are your thoughts.



Paul D. ReynoldsMom Caves – HGTV celebrates Mother’s Day

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  1. paul Reynolds

    HGTV has continued the new series "Mom Caves". When it started in May it was not clear how long it would continue but right thru July new episodes have been shown.

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