Man Caves of All Types

converting a garage into virtual golf course

Golf Cave in a garage

Man caves in a garage don’t have to be about cars or motorcycles.  I saw a photo today of a “golf cave” where a man had converted part of his garage into virtual golf course. That would not take up very much of the large garages we are developing in Spruce Grove. I can see some of our buyers looking at adding a year round golf element. In fact it would fit into an area the size of one car.

In another article I saw the “Card Cave” where the cave  focused on the poker table – and it was magnificent.

When Don and I visited in Tacoma area we saw GaragePlus. One gentleman there had retired and down sized. His passion was wood working. But having downsized where do you have your wood shop. Well his 1200 sq ft garage unit was a really large woodworking shop. He had a loft as well and his wife used it as a hobby zone for scrap booking and such. As far as I could tell they had no space, or need,  to store a car or RV.

So this should get you thinking. If I buy a garage condo do I want to have some space kept for things other than cars, RVs or boats?  What would you do with the “hanging out” part of your garage? It is heated, insulated and quiet. A theatre space?  A game Zone? A baseball batting cage? A hobby space?  Please let us know by sharing your comments.

Paul D. ReynoldsMan Caves of All Types

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