Man Caves in Five Steps

Something we men often crave is that mythical space we can call our own. Some see it as a hobby heaven.  Most settle for the big screen TV in the basement.  Others dream of an ultimate Garage. Well take a look at this baby — now we’re talking.  Just look at the floor (acid stained I think). And  how about those cabinets.  Most of us could really relax in this lair.  There is  of space for automotive goodies and toys like a snowmobile, motorcycle or ATV.

The Founder of had an interesting take of the Five steps toward starting your own cave.

  • Find your own space, a garage, barn, shed or basement.
  • Flatscreen HDTV.  Need to be able to watch your favorite sports team within the man cave.
  • Beer. Mass Quantities.  Man Fridge or Keg-o-rator needed.
  • Toys. This is up to you, Bikes, Cars, Boats.
  • Personalize Organize and Accessorize.  Get the tools you needs, in the places you can find.

What is your take on this?  What do you need to make your own cave?  Please share your thoughts.  For some other ideas see more man cave garages at our Flickr page.

Paul D. ReynoldsMan Caves in Five Steps

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