Man Cave Thoughts

Harley style man cave in a garage

One man cave in Hamilton Ontario was written up and owner Tim Keating said “The man cave is a busy place, popular with guys in the neighbourhood, especially with the Super Bowl around the corner. They take out the garbage, then keep walking, right over to my place. People have been known to fall asleep here.”

This got me thinking about what the cave means. It seems to me to be about having personal space. It is not about “men”. Women have started to join in the trend to define a personal space. Some would say that women had caves first – it may have been called the scrap book corner or craft room but I think many women have created women caves for decades. We men are just catching up

One wife Krystal had some insights. “I believe that everyone is entitled to a place they can “escape” to, and call it whatever they want. I am sure I drive my husband up the wall more times than I realize. I know he loves spending much time with me but we respect and love each other enough to give that space if needed. If he wants to turn our basement into his own “room” to play his guitars”

Paul D. ReynoldsMan Cave Thoughts

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