Making a Man Cave

Cover shot of Wood magazine special edition on Man Caves

Someone who is not a garage guy but a very interesting blogger, Root Simple, highlighted something that I love to talk and write about – the Man Cave.

He spotted a special-edition magazine from the publishers of WOOD Magazine yesterday at the checkout line in Home Depot. He says:

“According to Manland, the “ultimate man cave site,” this magazine is ” Paging Dr. Freud–WOOD Magazine sponsoring Man Caves? Will Rigid Tools be an advertiser? The Man Caves editors get to have lots of fun coining new words like “mantastic” and throwing around headlines like “Chromed-Up Harley Hangouts.”

From the preview on the Manland site, it seems Man Caves Mag delivers the usual man cave aesthetic package of neon beer signs, motorcycles and flat screen TVs. The editors of WOOD, promise that their Man Caves Magazine will “go behind the scenes to reveal what makes their personalized man space so popular—sometimes the most popular room in the entire house—and find out how they pulled it off on budget.”

Leaving aside his funny comments the special edition magazine is now on my shopping list.

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Paul D. ReynoldsMaking a Man Cave

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