Magnificent Mezzanines

Once you have made the decision to purchase a garage condo, the fun stuff begins – deciding how to customize your space! One of the options you have available is adding a mezzanine to your condo.

A great place to entertain guests

The mezzanine is a great way to optimize your square footage because it uses up otherwise unoccupied space. In fact, you can probably get an additional 25% of usable space, just by including a mezzanine in your plans.

There are several uses for the extra space including storage, relaxation, office or bathroom space.

If you decide to use it as a storage area, you can include cabinets, shelving and racks to really get the best use out of your space.

If you decide that is the area of your condo you will use for relaxation, then the sky is the limit! This is where you can mount your flat screen TV in front of a comfy couch to watch the big game, or if pool table is your idea of relaxation, a table with a handy bar located along the backside.

A combination relaxation area and office at Garage Oasis


If your idea of a great mezzanine involves an office, you can design your mezzanine to include internet access, a printer, desk, fax machine and book cases – your office away from your office!

Of course, a convenient bathroom area is a great addition, no matter how you decide to use this space. A place to wash up after hours working on your toys or after a long roadtrip, this washroom will sure to please both you and your guests.

Whatever you decide, you won’t go wrong with the addition of any one of these types of mezzanines.

Paul D. ReynoldsMagnificent Mezzanines

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