Items for My Man Cave?

I am “building” my own man cave or a safe house for the Y chromosome.  I would love to hear your suggestions on items to add to my man cave. I already have a large flat screen TV with surround sound, mini fridge,  radio, and guitar.

So what else?

-          Pool table or card table?

-          Massage chair?

-          Long sofa for naps

Any other ideas for the man cave?  [ And if your idea is don’t do itkeep marital bliss — well my wife supports the idea.]

These caves are now becoming so popular that there are are even on-line shops with special supplies. One of my Twitter buddies is  On his Man Cave Headquarters  he sells things like customized man cave signs with a range of designs and your names is added.  There is also which has  some  unique items in its comprehensive  site for furnishing your Man-Cave. Just check out one item – hot rod stools and table which is something my friends will really notice. They all ship to Canada but there might be a Canadian on-line supplier. Does anyone know of one?

Illustration is courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

Paul D. ReynoldsItems for My Man Cave?

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  1. Carla

    You absolutely MUST have wifi. How else will you go online and let all your man friends know where you are? how will you be able to post pics of your cave on FB to drive them all crazy with envy??

  2. Arlo B.Lehmann

    Big Screen TV with surround sound, playing “American Graffiti” while you sit in an old style barber chair. Glass door’d wall case for NASCAR die casts. Old gas pump.

  3. Doug

    Corvette Couch, Hot Rod Grill BBQ, Neon Car or Beer signs,Posters,Murphy Bed,Recliner Chairs,Mini Dragster,Favourite old Muscle car,Satellite TV,Alarm System,Video Camera at Front Entry

  4. Grant

    Wow!! Some great ideas here. Wifi is a must for sure, and the adult beverages, well that goes without saying. Looking forward to the finished product.

    1. Post
      Paul D. Reynolds

      Indeed the cable connection seems essential – so many people want the garage lofts and with that place to hang out they want cable TV and internet. We will see what we can do.

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