How to Choose a Garage Condo

So you have decided it is time to purchase a garage. Although there are not a lot of options available in the Edmonton/Spruce Grove area, there are some questions you need to ask yourself when considering any type of space.

1.    Size
Yes, size really does matter. Is there enough space to not only store your stuff, but enough for a work area as well? Do you need enough square footage to have some space dedicated to relaxation? Premier Condos start at 1,000 sq. ft.

Make sure you consider not only the square footage, but also the actual dimensions. Will your RV fit lengthwise? Is the overhead door tall enough for your needs?

2.    Safety
You have a lot invested and you want to make sure it is protected. Is the space you are considering gated? Does it have in-bay cameras? Is there an onsite, live-in manager? Is the space surrounded by other owners who can keep an eye on things even when you aren’t there?

3.    Convenience
Where is the space you are considering located? Is it within easy commute? Is it on the way to places you enjoy taking road trips like a lake or Jasper?

Do you have the ability to hook up internet or cable? Do you have the option of a private washroom? What about 120V and 220V power?

4.    Accessibility
Are you able to have access to your property at any time of the day or night?

Can you do what you need to in your bay, when you need to do it? Are there noise restrictions that will prohibit you from working when you want?

5.   Good Neighbours
Are there bylaws in place to protect your investment – like ensuring that the common space doesn’t become a parking lot full of everyone’s clunkers? Or prohibiting someone from moving in and setting up a permanent residence?

Is it possible to get to know your like-minded neighbours? Is there a common area where you can gather with other condo owners to share your passions and pass along tips and ask questions?

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of questions, please comment and share any other things you think people should consider when looking for a garage.

Paul D. ReynoldsHow to Choose a Garage Condo

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