Home for the Hobby’s

Most of the people interested in Premier Garage Condos tend to be attracted to them because they have a car collection, storage issues with RVs or they need space to work on their vehicles. But there are many other uses for a garage condo.

Model Aircraft
Collecting, building and flying model airplanes can take up a lot of room and it is space that most people don’t have in their own homes or residential garages. A garage condo provides all the necessary space for building and storing airplanes.

Model Cars

Maybe your passion for cars goes to the smaller scale? A garage condo can help you expand your collection. You will have ample room to store parts, cars that are in the process of being build and those that are completed can be displayed. What about a track to race them?

A garage condo provides you with an opportunity to design a workspace specific to your needs. An area with your tools conveniently laid out or stored within easy reach. Maybe you need exhaust fans set up? Another option would be storage designed specifically for your supplies.


One thing any scrapbooker will tell you is that you can never have enough room. Supplies, tools and projects that are in process take up lots of space. What an ideal place to make a scapbooking haven. Storage for your papers, drawers for specialty tools – a place for everything and everything in its place!

There is nothing more gratifying or enjoyable than a hobby – except maybe sharing it with someone else. How about hosting a get together in your garage condo for others who are interested in your pastime

You could invite people with model cars to race around your own personal track and award prices for the best projects. What about hosting a woodworking workshop? Or maybe a scrapbooking party around a large table that has ample space for everyone and their projects?

The ideas for how to use your garage condo are limitless!

Paul D. ReynoldsHome for the Hobby’s

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