Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for Winter

Ok, there has been much talk about getting your RV and vehicle ready for winter, but lets not overlook the motorcycles out there. Many of the principals are the same but are still worth reviewing.

Make sure your bike is free of road grime and insects. Try to avoid getting any water into the muffler as this could cause problems down the road if it doesn’t get dried out properly. Make sure that after cleaning you coat all the painted and chrome surfaces with a wax polish.

Make sure you treat all the leather on your bike with a good quality conditioner.

Gas Tank
Add fuel stabilizer and fill the tank up with gas as full as you can get it. Run your bike so it circulates.

Oil and Filter
Change the oil and the filter in your bike as old oil can become acidic and corrode parts.

Make sure you oil up all the stationary tubes on the front forks of your bike. Once you have done that, hold the front brake and bounce up and down to distribute the oil. This will help keep rubber seals from drying out.

Spark Plugs
Make sure you oil the cylinders – one teaspoon should be good enough. Move the wires where they will not arc, then start for a few revolutions so the oil circulates. Put the plugs back in after cleaning up and replace plug wires.

Apply a small coating of Vaseline to the terminals to help prevent corrosion over the winter months.

Cooling System
Check the amount of anti-freeze and drain, flush and replace if necessary.

All suspension and pivot points need to be lubed as well as the drive shaft is there is one. This is also a good time to check the air cleaner, fuel filter and brake pads.

One of the more important things when winterizing your bike is finding a good location. Make sure it is a place that is dry and away from windows. Do not store it where the sun will shine on it – even in the winter the ultraviolet light can fade paint and plastic parts.

If stored on concrete, create a barrier between your bike and the floor to avoid dampness. It is preferable to store the bike with all the weight off the wheels.

And remember! as tempting as it might be, don’t run your engine while it is stored as this can lead to condensation.




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Paul D. ReynoldsGetting Your Motorcycle Ready for Winter

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