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When planning your Premier Garage Condo, there are the more obvious choices you will have to make – type of flooring, whether you want a mezzanine or not and what types of storage and cabinetry. But don’t forget about some of the smaller things that can make a big difference in your enjoyment of your space.

One of these things is wiring for automation and internet.

Whether you want to enjoy your favourite tunes while spending hours tinkering on your vehicle or while relaxing on your mezzanine, a sound system can make the time you spend at your condo that much more enjoyable.

You can go as simple as mounting a couple speakers on the wall or as extreme as a wireless, remote surround sound experience. Your decision on what to do will depend on a couple of things; how you plan on using your space and how much money you want to spend.

A couple of speakers may be enough if your main emphasis of the condo is to work on your toys or storing your RV. If you plan to spend time relaxing, getting to know your condo neighbours and inviting friends over, then a more robust system may be indicated.

Maybe you want to be able to walk into your condo and with the touch of a button have just the lights you need turn on, your favourite song start playing and the computer boot up. Maybe you want to do that from home, before you leave for your condo.

There are some great businesses that can help you with this part of your planning. Places like THX that specialize in audio, home theatres and home control. They have some awesome ideas on their site and it is worth checking out, even to just get your creative juices flowing. Another site to checkout for ideas is Premier Audio.

Just think how convenient it would be to have your own internet connection set up in your condo. You are working on your RV and realize you need a part – finding out the location of the closest dealer and their phone number is just one quick google search away.  Or you need a manual for some repairs on your classic car so you check out a forum online to find out where to find one.

If your condo is where you do much of your office work, internet can be a necessity. Set up a desk, printer and fax machine and you are ready to start work!

If seeking out information isn’t quite up your alley, what about an internet connection that is hooked up to your smart TV? Choose from a wide variety of online movies and watch them when it is convenient for you.

The possibilities for automation and convenience in your Premier Garage Condo is only limited by your imagination.


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