Garage Condo Storage Ideas

Garage Cabinets of Idaho shows how you DON'T want your garage to look!

A garage condo is a glorious thing. Lots of room for all the toys, the tools and maybe even some bikes or some of those boxes that have been sitting in your basement taking up space for years. But how do you make sure you don’t have a jumbled mess when you move into your condo?

The possibilities for storage are only limited by your imagination, but some of the more common storage methods are cabinets, racks, shelving and lifts.

Your personality can really shine through in your choice of cabinets. You can go strictly for function or you can shake it up with splashes of colour and include things like a wet

Form and Function (Moduline Aluminum Cabinets)

bar with mirrors.

Before choosing your cabinets, make sure you know what you need to store in them and how accessible you will want them to be. Also, make sure you don’t let price sway you into selecting cabinets that can’t withstand the type of abuse you may have to give them.

Make sure that you allow enough counter space for your needs and that it is in a material that can easily cleaned up.


Combination shelving and racks

Racks are great for hanging tools or sporting goods that you know you will need to get at on a fairly regular basis. They are also great for storing awkwardly shaped objects like chairs, bikes and gardening tools.

As with cabinets, it is important to make sure you get racks that are strong enough to stand up to the types of things you are storing. Interlocking wall panels work great with racks, allowing you to place and slide them wherever you want along the wall. These panels also work really well for holding shelves.


Ceiling Storage

If you are interested in a tried and true method of storage, you can’t go wrong with lots of shelving. Shelving comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and can be

mounted on walls and even ceilings.  If you are storing a lot of stuff, we recommend that you invest in good quality, strong shelves that will withstand the weight.

A good wall panel unit will allow you to mix and match your racks and shelving to just the right combination for your storage needs.

What is a garage without vehicles? Some people are just blessed with more vehicles than others and may need some assistance in storing them all under one roof.

Four-post car lift

This is where car lifts come in handy.

When deciding on a lift, make sure you take into consideration the number of vehicles you currently have, as well as any new possible acquisitions.

Whether you decide on one, two or all of these options, make sure you do your research to find the options that work best for the way you plan on using your garage, purchase the best materials you can afford and enjoy!





Paul D. ReynoldsGarage Condo Storage Ideas

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  1. Jemblong

    Great pictures and denigss. The man cave concept started long ago when weekend mechanics started storing used refrigerators in the garage, beer followed and the craze has been building since then.

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