Boat and RV Trailer Tires – Some Cautions

RV accident from tire failure

Have you come across a trailer lying on the road side due to tire blow out. Boat owners (as well as folks hauling quads and skidoos on trailers) may not realize that trailer tires are very different than car tires.

How different?  Trailer tires can be bias ply or radials but either way they have much stiffer sidewalls to reduce sway on the highway. Special trailer  tires have larger polyester and steel cords as well as additional chemical compounds to reduce deterioration. Generally they are speed rated to 100 km per hour

Never use passenger car or light truck tires on a trailer. These tires are engineered for a smoother ride, sacrificing some load capacity to do so. These tires have much softer sidewalls allowing more flex, which can cause overheating of the tire when used on a loaded trailer.

Don’t be fooled by tread wear. Trailer tires are low mileage and only expected to last 10,000 km to 25,000 km. or about three to five years. You need to keep some record of the driving distance or the total years.   So the tread may look good but the tire is about to blow out. Always replace in five years.  Six years is getting dangerous.

Under inflation is the main cause of tire failure:  Tire manufacturer’s recommendation for inflation will be on the tire sidewall and should be followed strictly. Under inflation causes excessive heat build-up as well as increased sway. Both heat and sway can trigger failure and serious damage.

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Paul D. ReynoldsBoat and RV Trailer Tires – Some Cautions

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