Best Beer Fridge for your Man Cave

Maybe you heard the old joke that the difference between beer and wine drinkers is that beer drinkers don’t spit when they taste.  Which is a nice transition into what I want to really discuss – what is the best beer fridge for your man cave (or as I like to call it Garage Condo).

Now don’t think this is a piece of cake (or a pile of hops). There really is a difference in one fridge from another. Just Google the topic and you will see many versions of the Top Ten Things to Look for in a Beer Fridge.

Cheap end:  buy any old second hand fridge. Get really fancy and buy a temperature controller.  Put the thermostat inside the fridge and connect it to the controller and socket.  Holy smolly –beer and soda at a constant 40 degrees.

Mid Price: Avanti BCA31SS Beverage Center which will cost you about $380. This has been around for many years and is mentioned in lots of articles on the web about beer fridges. It is quite tall. It is said to be pretty quiet and you only hear a faint humming sound. It has a cold spot – may be too cold in the lower area but still  gets pretty good reviews.

Highest End.  Well the Danby Beverage Center is certainly pricey at about $1,000+. For that you get a very sleek, shiny and stainless object. It certainly looks special.  It has UV tinted glass and special Blue LED lighting so you can see insider without disturbing the temperature.  [Don’t think it makes a difference? Open your kitchen fridge and touch any object next to the light bulb inside.] It is high end, elegant and smooth looking.

My favorite tip is to keep it dark.  As one real expert said, “Beer and light are naturally enemies (it’s one of the reasons that bars are always so dark…the other one being so that women can’t see your ugly-ass face).” Now doesn’t he have way with words?  Anyone else got a suggested favorite?

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Paul D. ReynoldsBest Beer Fridge for your Man Cave

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