Benefits of Indoor RV Storage

Obviously as a Garage developer I believe in the value of Indoor storage for RVs and boats. Car collectors get this right away and the fact that their insurers usually make it a condition of insurance is also clear.

However I thought I would share my list of the protections and value added from storing your RV and Boat indoors. I think that these have cash value and  outweighs the cost storage.

Eliminate paint oxidation

Protects  upholstery from sun damage, dry rot and fading

Prevents rainwater build up, mould and mildew

Prevents rotting and staining of boat covers. no more messy birds!

Protection from vandalism and theft

Minimize premature cracking of tires on vehicles, especially in the sidewall area, which can lead to blowouts

Protection from wheel rust and trailer deterioration

Helps maintain your resale value more than the cost of indoor storage

Extends time between detailing and cleaning

Extends rubber roof life

Eliminates mildew damage caused by outdoor shrink wrapped storage

Prevents water and chemical spotting from acid rain

Prevents intrusion of rodents

Eliminates the unsightliness of at home storage

Protects your investment and secures your peace of mind

Blocks UV rays to keep vehicle body from fading and cracking

Reflects infrared rays to keep interior temperatures lower

Repels dirt, dust, mold, dry rot, and mildew, as well as sun exposure

Resist chemicals & harmful substances found in rain and bird droppings

Prevent Gel coat from oxidizing due to damaging effects of UV rays, dirt and weather. Neglect this and the vehicle finish becomes more porous, the resins oxidize and what remains is a faded, dull finish

Reduce the breakdown of plasticizers in the vinyl of the seats to resist fading and cracking

Now you can say that some of these don’t concern you or are minor. Can you say you don’t mind most of these?  Let us know what you think.


Paul D. ReynoldsBenefits of Indoor RV Storage

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