A Similar Garage Condo Near Chicago

Rendering of entrance to Grayslake garage condominium

Another new garage condo was just approved by Grayslake, a suburb outside Chicago.  The development of 79 upscale private condominium garages targets private and expensive collector automobiles, vintage motorcycles and related car memorabilia. It will include a private clubhouse for the use of garage owners to host car club gatherings or entertain family and guests. So this is very similar to our own plans in Edmonton.

The developer, Mr. Monco, said the project would eventually consist of 175 units in three phases: the first with 79 garage units, the second 61 and the final 35. The units will be architecturally compatible with those of the nearby Fairgrounds buildings. Owners will be responsible for furnishing the interiors. The complex will be gated to provide security in protecting the valuable vehicles.

“This will be more than a garage to store cars. It will be a showplace for the exclusive use of owners to show off and discuss their prized and expensive vehicles. There’s even the possibility of opening the complex periodically for public car shows,” he said.

The project would be similar to AutoMotorPlex in the Minneapolis suburb of Chanhassen, which opened in January 2008. AutoMotorPlex has 160 condo garages and a 4,600-square-foot clubhouse available for motor sports events, social gatherings and business meetings. It sold out in two years in spite of the soft real estate economy.

Most of the AutoMotorPlex owners added substantial upgrades to make each unit a personalized ‘man cave’ to better show off their prized automobiles and other car memorabilia. In Spruce Grove we are lining up contractor partners to offer optional upgrades. We aim to keep the site secure and using bonded workers. Read more at thier website.

Paul D. ReynoldsA Similar Garage Condo Near Chicago

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