2012 RV News

Over the course of the year, we at Premier Garage Condos have run across lots of different information on RVs. Some of it is useful information and some of it is just interesting.

For example, did you know that although there is definitely a stereotype of the snow-birding senior out spending their children’s inheritance, according to Suncruiser Media, the majority of RV owners are younger than 55. As well, the RV sellers are seeing more and more young families taking to the open road.

In addition to a market that is younger than typically expected, the number of people attending shows and expositions has also increased. Major shows are popular attractions throughout Canada and in Western Canada. The big one for the Edmonton area is on Feb. 7-10 – if you attend, make sure you look up Premier’s booth and come say hi!

Another trend for the RV world is all season camping. The people who engage in all season camping are determined to get the most out of their RV by using it year round. This type of camping requires some thought and attention to details, not to mention the need for research. A good place to start is this article although aimed at an Ontario audience, it provides some great tips.

But of course, if you want to stick to warmer climates, there is lots of information on RV snowbird parks in Arizona.

Whether sticking to conventional times of the year or braving the cold, there is no doubt that RV usage is up in Alberta with RV sales rising in 2012 by 42% over 2011.

This increase has not gone unnoticed as the Alberta government announced they will spend $24 million in modernizing several of their provincial campgrounds.

Young or old, summer or winter, Arizona or Alberta, drive safely and enjoy!


Paul D. Reynolds2012 RV News

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