10 Things to Look for In Your Next Garage

essentials for my next garage

A Garge to Hang Out In

What would you consider essentials in your next Garage? Here are 10 features I would like to see in my  garage space:

1. Floor Space – enough space for all of your toys and to be able to get around without dinging them.

2. Shelf Space – as important as floor space, otherwise your tools will end up on the floor.

3. Power – 120V and 220V so you can run all of your toys and tools.

4. Heating – In Edmonton we need  to enjoy our space year round.  Make the space comfortable so you can spend more time in it.

5. Durable flooring – a sealed floor to protect it from crashes and spills. Better yet a custom garage floor.

6. Light – plenty of lighting and not just from the ceiling where it casts shadows.

7. Sound Insulation – for the benefit of those in the attached house.

8. Ventilation – for when you get to play with chemicals.  A ceiling fan is a nice addition.

9. Security –fencing, gate controls, video surveillance and monitored alarms to protect your toys

10. Comfort – can this space be somewhere you feel comfortable enough to spend an entire weekend?  Do you need somewhere to sit?  Room for a fridge?

Come on Edmonton share your ideas?

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Paul D. Reynolds10 Things to Look for In Your Next Garage

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