The Ultimate Garage Facility

These garage  condominiums are 800 to 1,575 sq ft for RV owners and car collector or those with lots of toys (like boats,  snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs). You can be a part of Northern Alberta’s first ultimate garage facility.

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Ten Features When Looking for a Garage

Floor Space – enough space to fit your toys and move around them. Shelf Space – as important as floor space, otherwise your tools will end up on the floor. Power – 120V and 220V so you can run all of your toys and tools. Heating – In Edmonton we need heat to enjoy our space [...]

Covered storage adds value and saves you money

1. Protects tires and rubber and upholstry from sun damage, dry rot and fading; 2. Prevents rainwater build up, mold, and mildew; 3. Protection from chemicals in acid rain, bird droppings or coal dust ; 4. Protection from vandalism and theft;

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